Making Creativity Visible


My name is Dragan Danilovic. Since elementary school, everyone called me Danilo and I use that nickname to sign my works. My first published cartoon was signed with that nickname when I was a little under eighteen years of age. In fact, long before that, I spent a ton of paper on sketching and practicing drawing. And what I liked, among other things, was that it did not look like the usual “work” at all. It was more like the passion I have carried with me since those days. A passion that brought with it both torment and joy. Today, instead of paper, pens, brushes with paint, we use computer screens and pen displays. Maybe I can convey some of that passion through the screen, and people who watch my works can feel it.

From the first published drawing, over the next two decades, I spent in magazines or publishing and printing houses. At the same time, the passion spread from drawing to design and photography. Everything that has anything to do with graphic art seemed to intoxicate me. As a graphic editor, I could follow the whole process, from blank paper to sketch and prepress, and later on the printing process itself. It is very exciting to see how drawing, design, or photo through the process of prepress and printing is transferred to the media that allow a large number of people to see your work. At the time of the Internet, the number of that people is much more magnified. And that’s a story that still does not see the end.