From idea to everything visual

Here I will try to point you to a few basic things to consider in order to start the project and finish it without any disruption or disagreement. Everything we do about design, illustration and photography should follow high standards in the profession… Therefore, here is an explanation in the shortest lines of how it should take place.

Everything starts with your email explaining what your needs are and what you expect as a result of our cooperation. Since I’m at a computer most of the time, you can get an answer in the very short term, and I will answer regardless of whether did your email grabs my interest to work with you and excites me in taking your project. Asking questions and design briefs are free of charge and have no cost, so we can talk freely about anything that interests you.

We will first discuss the type of service and job you want me to do for you. After the design brief and after you explained to me all I need to know before kickstarting the project, I will return to you with an estimate. Once we have agreed on the assignment and estimate, we can start to work. However, if this is the first time and we did not cooperate before, one of the things that we need to discuss is the upfront deposit, and the amount of the deposit is something that we also should make an agreement, depending on the scope and type of the project, but that amount is rarely more than 15% of the agreed fee. Also, the deposit is not taken from clients with whom I already have successful cooperation on earlier projects.

If this is our first project on which we work, once the deposit payment clears, I will make an initial design based on the brief and present it for approval. The initial design is for feedback and adjustments so as to put together the correct and final design. Of course, adjustments and corrections are possible throughout the entire process if they do not collapse and change basic agreement we set as the goal at the beginning. All edits, tweaks, revisions or changes should be made during this phase of work. The approved initial design will be turned into the final design according to the agreements we have achieved and about which we no longer have any doubts. But, if the revisions are not and every time in accord on my part of the job, and if there are too many of them which are not the result of my work, an additional fee may be charged.

Only when the whole process is completed and the final design is approved you can proceed with full payment. You can pay me online through PayPal, the most secure and easier way to make and accept payments.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get from customers I have not previously worked with on projects:

• What’s turn-around time? 

Have in mind that this is a creative process. Typical turnaround time to complete is 2 weeks or less, but also can be more for a larger project. In the initial arrangement, depending on the size of the project, we also negotiate the time of completion. I want to have full attention to the project and keep the quality high, so I try not to overbook my schedule, but there is always a chance that I can work things for your timeframe if it’s necessary and urgent. Contact me to discuss.

• How much do you charge? 

I can make an estimate after we discuss what you want to achieve from the project. Without knowledge of the details of the project, it is difficult to foresee the price. But, I certainly try to keep prices fair and my goal is that earnings do not depend on one project we entered, but to achieve long-term cooperation.

• Who owns the Copyright? 

The full ownership and copyright over the completed artwork belong to the client. Authorship credit shall be given if the artwork is presented in the magazine or book. I reserve the right to display the artwork in my online portfolio, exhibitions or catalogs related to my work.

• Can you start today or tomorrow? 

I’d love to, but this will depend on my current workload and schedule.

• Can we start the project without a deposit? 

Of course, if we have successfully realized projects behind us.

• Because this is the first time I hire you, can I get some sample sketch to see, before we start? 

Please, check my Illustrations, Graphic Design or Photography page in Portfolio. That way you can have an insight into my work, which will help you to decide whether you want to hire me or not.