A long story short

• Hello there! I’m Dragan Danilovic, but since the elementary school everyone called me Danilo, and I use that nick when I sign my work. I signed my first published caricature in the newspaper with that nickname. I was eighteen years old. Actually, I started working on cartoon sketches much earlier. And the happiest part of what I'm doing is that I don’t consider it as a "work". It is my passion I carry with me through an entire life. And I enjoy it a lot. Today, instead of paper and drawing pens, brush and paint, and later airbrushes, we use computer screens and pen displays. I hope that I can manage to transfer some of this passion to the screen, and people who watch my works can feel it.

• From the first published drawing, over the next two decades, I spent in newspapers and various publishing and printing houses. Such an experience was valuable. As a graphic editor in the magazines and printing houses, I could follow the whole process, from blank paper and sketch, through the finished drawings for the press, and later on the printing process itself. It is very exciting to see how your drawing or design, through the process of prepress and printing, is transferred to the media that allow a large number of people to see your work. At the time of the Internet and social networks, the number of that people is much more magnified. And that's a story that still does not see the end. Because of that, I consider myself lucky, because there is a possibility that, even in my mature years, I can continue to work something in which I am in love with from my early youth.

• In the first two decades of how I deal with design ( and I hope maybe it will be at least another two more ), I've gone through almost everything. From someone who, as a young apprentice, brought a coffee to a graphics editor and taught basics, to creative director and graphic editorial jobs. I am grateful for all this, especially to people who have shared their knowledge with me. And this particularly refers to the knowledge that is not learned at school but is acquired by experience. It's irreplaceable, and without top-level artists with whom I was lucky to work from the beginning, I would not have succeeded. I remembered them every time  I'm working on the design, when I draw an illustration or take a photo, and I have that sense of responsibility and a desire for improvement that they imposed on me from the very start.

• And now, here are some of my designs, illustrations and photographs in front of you, on the Portfolio page. I decided to replace the editorial post with the free market as a freelancer. I needed freedom. I did not want to miss the opportunity and I wanted to take advantage of the benefits provided by the Internet, to work with people from all over the world. I do not mind having any fixed working hours. Because it was never like that anyway. And there's no reason to be. Ideas do not come at a precise moment. Creativity does not turn on and off at a certain time.

• For now, all I can say is this: you had the opportunity to see my works on this site. What I have said here, I only intended to tell you a little more about what I am doing all my life. I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Let's create something awesome!

• To the left is the present time, to the right is the younger version of me, as a graphic editor in the printing house, drawing illustrations for the magazine, 1995.